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Mobile Apps without the hassle, Your APP in 3 Hours or less.

When you don’t have the funds to create a customised application,
Choose our Web-To-App service which can be done in 3 HOURS or less !

When you want to make full use of Online Marketing, you should never underestimate the vitality of Apps. Several Studies show that the amount of App use and as well as the number of App users are rising steadily. A Study from Statista reveals that 41% of mobile users install Apps on their phones themselves, and use these Apps regularly.
Apps are an important part of online usage, whether to shop shop, ordering food, hiring a taxi or any other basic activity online, which device do you pick up? Your Phone, right!
Well, it is same with everyone as well . Our phones have become a reliable friend when it comes to simplifying our daily tasks and changing how we receive information. The Technology of mobile is growing at the speed of light and apps have become a vital part of the digital system. In fact, these apps are progressing into an irreplaceable position. Companies are going through a difficult time keeping up with the increasing demand for mobile apps. With these progressive demands, businesses are competing to launch their products and services faster than anyone else.
With Snapchat’s rise and Facebook’s $19 billion WhatsApp purchase, 2016 is the year of the app.
So how do you turn a web site into mobile app without the hassle and expenses of a full app development project ?
With a Conversion process, that a digital agency such as ours (Heptagon Multimedia) can provide. Benefiting cost saving SME’s owners who do not have the finance or market to fund a customised app,We present to you the Web-To-App service.
To visualise how this process occurs first you must understand the basics of a website.
Web pages on the internet have been around for a while and like all technology-related things, the way they look, feel and are built is constantly changing (and getting better).
How a websites are created can be summarised as:
1.Content (what do we want to say? What pictures will we use),
2.Style (what will it look like),
3.User experience (how will users interact with the website, using menus, buttons, animation)
By taking the web site code itself and posting it to mobile app , we have allowed a simple process of conversion to take place. The content and design will be same in the app as your already established website and your will appear on the Appstore and Google play when searched. The app will then open your content inside the mobile application and will not redirect to web site or browser .
A summarised step process of how we connect website to app :
1.We Connect your web site to a mobile app.
2.Design screenshots (pictures) and text that will appear in app stores
3.We Connect push notifications to the app.
To all small business owners who are need of an app to keep with the growing demands, but do not have the finance to start the process, choose our Web-To-App service. For a simple cost effective way to stay ahead of the curve.
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